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law firm in Kerala provide Legal Services through our Lawyers who are focused on providing fast, economical advice on property law in Kerala, without the lengthy delays and high cost.        

There are numerous land laws in Kerala and each property may have hundreds of legal impediments on record or otherwise. It is essential to have clear title over the property, proper statutory compliance with various revenue records. Make sure that the proposed property is legally compliant in all its sense. Your advocate / solicitor is qualified in all areas of property law and is there to help you avoid potential problems and to protect your interests at every step, from making an offer to getting the keys to the door.

In Kerala, all documents related to the Transfer of any type, Sale, Gift or Lease  of immovable properties are mandatory requirements to be registered under the Indian Registration Act 1908.

A document for the purpose of registration has to be prepared by a competent person like lawyer or licensed document writer along with the supporting documents and has to be produced before the Sub-Registrar office. Document has to be prepared in the stamp paper of sufficient value in par with the value of the property being transferred. The person who is transferring the property has to be physically present before the Sub- Registrar at the time of Registration. The registration fee payable to the government in addition to the stamp duty also has to be remitted at the Sub-Registrar office.

        Properly drafted documents and updated knowledge of administrative orders are high requisite for hassle free registration process. So highly qualified person is essential for property dealings ….. 

     Our experienced lawyers are here to help you. They only require the relevant documents and a brief background of the issue to date to give an accurate, authoritative opinion. Through our extensive panel of professional consultants we are equipped to provide unbiased and clear advice, at a fixed price.

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